As part of the FESS Group, the STARCLEAN® business unit started in the 1990s as part of a diversification strategy to develop and market proprietary products for bulk material handling equipment.

The STARCLEAN® scraper system was the first product to be developed. It is worth mentioning that the STARCLEAN® conveyor belt scrapers are the only scraper system in the world that has actually been developed from the perspective of a conveyor belt supplier.

Therefore not only achieve good cleaning results, longer life spans and easy maintenance are achieved, but also the belt is protected in an optimal manner.

With the start oft he internationalisation of the business unit in the early 2000s, which today includes various distributors and cooperations, the product line was extended with other problem-solving products for bulk material handling equipment.

  • Belt tracking systems
  • Transferpoint sealing systems
  • Impact stations
  • SAFEBELT® as closed pouch belt conveyor system

The STARCLEAN® product range looks back on long years of steady growth, which is supposed to continue for decades to come.

As a technology leader backed by extensive expertise in the field of conveyor technology, the STARCLEAN® business unit of the FESS Group will keep expanding with problem-solving products that improve the efficiency, cleanliness and reliability of its customers' bulk material handling conveyors.


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