FESS GROUP (Schulte Strathaus) at BAUMA 2016

FESS GROUP, featuring the STARCLEAN® and Cyrus Vibration Technology business divisions, was once again an exhibitor at BAUMA 2016 this year and seized the opportunity to showcase its innovative products. This trade fair is the world’s largest exhibition for construction and civil engineering machinery, mining machinery, etc. with an exhibition floor space of 605,000 m2, 3,400 exhibitors and well in excess of 500,000 visitors. It takes place every three years in Munich.

FESS GROUP has been exhibiting its innovative products at BAUMA right since the 1990s. This year, FESS GROUP’s offerings in the STARCLEAN® business division included the products STARCLEAN® innovative conveyor belt cleaner, impact cradles for belt systems to conserve the conveyor belt in the work area, and castors to centre the conveyor belt. The range included also the SAFEBELT closed conveyor system, which reduces emissions and noise when transporting bulk material while conserving the product.

A highlight at BAUMA 2016 was the exhibiting of the new automatic 830-E tensioning device for STARCLEAN® conveyor belt cleaners, which enabled a world-class time to be achieved in live scraper maintenance with segment changes. This automatic tensioning device is suitable for use on reversible conveyor systems and time interval-based cleaning, irrespective of whether the belt is loaded or not. This tensioning device enables also non-reversible segments to be used on reversible conveyor systems by automatic retraction when the belt direction is changing.

At BAUMA 2016, we were also able to welcome Conspare Ltd. from England as the new sales partner for the STARCLEAN® conveyor belt cleaner division in the FESS GROUP. The collaboration between the two companies was sealed with the contract signing at BAUMA 2016.

FESS GROUP has thus been successful in attracting a further excellent sales partner for the sales network operating around the world in the STARCLEAN® conveyor belt cleaner business division.

FESS GROUP (Schulte Strathaus) at BAUMA 2016
FESS GROUP (Schulte Strathaus) at BAUMA 2016

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