SafeBelt® Closed Conveyor System


The SafeBelt System is suitable to convey bulk material wherever it is necessary to circumvent obstacles, to save extra product transfer points and to transport the given material in a closed, protected, dust-free and saving manner. In this process the belt loop remains closed from the material feed to product discharge. Any array with a discretional number of horizontal and/or vertical radii and up to 30 inclinations can easily be dealt with by the SafeBelt System as it is fitted with decentralised drive units.

The straightforward yet highly efficient basic concept teamed with proven Cyrus quality cuts both planning and running costs thanks to the system's well-planned modular set-up.


  • Small footprint / decentralised positioning of drives
  • Small curve radii
  • Weatherproof material transport
  • Compact design
  • Special, optimised belt quality
  • Low-noise belt operation
  • Completely modular set-up (incl. required control systems)


  • Simplified installation planning
  • Good value for money, low operating costs
  • Long service life and low running costs
  • Closed belt design and no transfer points reduce initial investment and running costs
  • Incl. proven »STARCLEAN« belt-conveyor system

Technical specs

  • Conveying capacity < 450 m3/h
  • Radii > 5 m, grain size < 80 mm
  • Belt speeds approx. 3 m / sec.
  • Inclinations up to approx. 30 (depending on the product)
  • Belt widths 800 + 1,400 mm
  • Dust- / water-proof
  • Max. product temperature 80 C, short-term approx. 100 C


  • Transport of bulk material in the following fields:
    Mining of non-metallic minerals, foundry, underground mining, feed materials, chemical / pharmaceutical industry and other areas of application for belt conveyor systems
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