STARCLEAN® Conveyor Belt Cleaner with Torsion-Tensioning Device Series 700

Type 720.85 / 722.85 / 724.85

Featuring blades with a polyurethane base and special integrated carbide inserts for cleaning conveyor belts at the pulley. Scraper-blade overlap is achieved through the combination of blades in long and short design ensuring perfect cleaning results across the entire scraping width. Suitable for reversible belt installations.

Type 720.81 / 722.81 / 724.81

Featuring polyurethane blades for cleaning conveyor belts at the pulley. Suitable for reversible belt installations and mechanical belt joints.

Our patented torsion-tensioning device offers unique user friendliness: Thanks to the pre-tensioning dial the actual pre-tensioning force can be seen any time. Once it falls below the desired setting, simply use the spanner supplied on the device and twist the pre-tensioning nut a few degrees until the pre-tensioning dial displays the correct setting. The tensioning device automatically snaps into position.

Special characteristics include:-

  • Tension can be reset in one easy movement
  • Pre-tension setting is visible at all times
  • Tensioning device can be disengaged for blade replacement by simply lifting the locking mechanism
  • Compact design
  • Slot for standard or reinforced blade bases from the STARCLEAN® modular system
  • Flexible installation options
  • Use of the proven scraper blade technology with the TWISTSWING® feature
  • Two-sided tensioning devices for wide belts from 1,600mm
  • Plain bearing for blade bases ensures optimum adjustment to the belt surface
  • Dustproof encapsulated
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