STARCLEAN® Conveyor Belt Cleaner Series 300 with automatic Lift-Off Device for reversible Conveyors

Automatically disengaging scraper for optimum cleaning results below the belt.

Type 320.56 / 322.56 /324.56 / 320.50 / 322.50 / 324.50

With pivoting shaft.When the direction of the conveyor changes, the blades are lifting off the belt. Before the blades loose the contact to the belt, two additional blades in the shaft of the other side of the scraper get in contact to the belt and make sure that the reversing position is held safely.When the conveyor again turns into the other direction, these steps are inverted and the cleaning blades are automatically tensioned again by the TWIST-SWING® function.

Chraracteristics include:

  • Automatic disengaging and engaging without the use of electric, peumatic or hydraulic energy
  • Optimum cleaning below the belt
  • Locations from 6 o’clock position of the pulley to any point along the belt
  • Use of proven blade technology with the TWIST-SWING® feature
  • Simple maintenance: the blades are adjusted by simply turning the shaft in the disengaged mode
  • Toolless blade replacement
  • Belt-saving operation through towing operation
  • Scraper blade overlap is achieved through the combination of blades in long and short design ensuring perfect cleaning results across the entire scraping width.
  • Pivoting blades with plain bearings for optimum adjustment to the belt surface
  • High-quality special carbide inserts for long service life
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