STARCLEAN® Conveyor Belt Cleaner with Raster Tensioning Device Series 800

Typ 830.56 / 830.53 /832.56/ 832.53

Featuring blades with a polyurethane base and pivoting special stainless-steel blades with carbide tips for cleaning conveyor belts below the belt.

The raster tensioning device was designed for primary and secondary scrapers. Equipped with the proven quick tensioning device the scraper can be cleaned and maintained within seconds.

Special Characteristics include:

  • Quick tensioning and releasing of the scraper enabled by the automatic locking mechanism
  • Compact design
  • Minimum space requirements
  • Easy and efficient handling
STARCLEAN® Automatic tensioning device type 830-E with electric linear drive unit
  • For use in reversible conveyor systems and time interval-based cleaning.
  • Enables non reversible scraper blades in reversible conveyor system, by automatic retraction when the belt direction is changing.
  • Optionally autonomous system with a preconfigured control unit incl. display and keypad or without control unit, for integration into existing belt conveyor control systems.
  • Quick tensioning device for easiest tension adjustment.
  • Durable drive unit for reliable operation!
  • Retrofit into existing systems type 830. Can be combined with primary or secondary belt scrapers.
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