STARCLEAN® Conveyor Belt Cleaner Series 900 for Heavy-Duty Belt Conveyors

Gurtbreiten bis 3400 mm und mehr sowie Bandgeschwindigkeiten ab 3 m/s

Type 995.66 / 996.66

for use below the belt

Featuring carbide blades and twin blade base (996) for highest demands

Series 990 was designed for optimum cleaning below the belt using carbide blades for heavy-duty belt installations. Its unique twin configuration ensures the load is distributed between two blade bases and the overlapping blade geometry ensures uniform cleaning across the entire scraping width while only minimum force is applied to the belt.

The model 995 requires less installation space. Here the overlap of the blades is achieved by using alternating short and long blades.

The spindle-type tensioning device makes it easy to set the scraper to the conveyor belt precisely and efficiently.

Also here, simple installation and maintenance, optimum cleaning results and belt-saving operation are the key characteristics for economical conveyor belt cleaning.

Special characteristics include:

  • Unlimited choice of installation locations from 6 o’clock position of the pulley to any point along the belt
  • Highly robust thanks to very rugged design, proven in the world’s best performing open pit mines
  • Defined contact pressure applied by the spindle-type tensioning mechanism
  • Use of proven scraper blade technology featuring TWIST-SWING® operation and snap-in feet for toolless blade replacement
  • Belt-saving operation through towing operation and pivoting blades
  • Simple maintenance: all blades are perfectly adjusted to the belt by adjusting the spindles to a predetermined setting
  • Scraper blade overlap is achieved through the twin blade base configuration (996)
  • Scraper blade overlap is achieved by alternating short and long blades (995)
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