STARCLEAN® Conveyor Belt Cleaner Series 900

Featuring blades with a polyurethane base and pivoting special stainless-steel blades with carbide tips for cleaning conveyor belts below the belt

Types 960.56 und 960.50

With top mounting- and spindleguiding plate.

Types 970.56 und 970.50

With top mounting- and spindleguiding plate and adapter arms for flexible installation options for the blade base.

Types 980.56 und 980.50

With compact U-shaped installation and spindle-guiding base for flexible installation options and smallest space requirements.

The Series 900 was designed for cleaning conveyor belts below the belt. Its spindle-type tensioning device makes it easy to set the scraper to the conveyor belt precisely and efficiently. Here, too, simple installation and maintenance coupled with optimum belt-cleaning results and belt-saving operation are the key characteristics for efficient conveyorbelt cleaning.

Characteristics include:

  • Unlimited choice of installation locations from 6 o’clock position of the pulley to any point along the belt
  • Use of proven blade technology with the TWIST-SWING® feature
  • Toolless blade replacement
  • Belt-saving operation through towing operation
  • Simple maintenance: all blades are perfectly set to the belt at one time by adjusting the spindles to a predefined setting
  • Scraper blade overlap is achieved through the combination of blades in long and short design ensuring perfect cleaning results across the entire scraping width.
  • Pivoting blades with plain bearings for optimum adjustment to the belt surface
  • High-quality special carbide inserts for long service life
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