STARCLEAN® FriFlo Impact Cradle - simple and safe

Frequent problems in transfer points of belt conveyors are:

  • Damaged belts due to sharp pieces, which penetrate the belt
  • Increased wear and side movement of the belt caused by blocked, overstrained rollers
  • Damaged rollers, which are barely accessible and hardly exchangeable
  • Insufficient possibilities to seal the chutes due to unsupported belts
STARCLEAN® FriFlo Aufprallstationen - einfach und sicher

FRIFLO Impact Bars eliminate these ploblems.

FRIFLO significantly decreases the maintenance costs, increases the lifespan of the belt and allows for environmental sealing combined with SpillEx transfer point seals.

STARCLEAN® FriFlo Aufprallstationen - einfach und sicher

The FRIFLO Impact Bars absorb the shock of the material, support the belt instead of idler rollers in the transfer point and enable a reliable belt guidance with the least possible friction.

The Inpact Bars contain of three components which are bonded by hot vulcanisation:

  • A special rubber composition with a hardness of 62° Shore A, which absorbs the occuring impact energy
  • A cover layer of special gliding UHMWPE with a friction coefficient of 0,1
  • A vulcanised aluminum profile for easy clamping of the bars

FRIFLO can be used up to 75°C.

The Advantages of FriFlo:

  • No moving parts
  • Prevents belt damage
  • Absorbs the occuring falling energy
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Low friction
  • Very long lifespan
  • Decreases maintenance and operational costs
  • Enables perfect, environmental and health aiding sealing of the transfer point in conjunction with SpillEx
  • High contact pressure of the screws which hold the aluminum profile due to special shape
  • Hot vulcanized bondage of the components for an enduring reliability

Recommended number of bars proportional to the belt width:

Recommended number of bars proportional to the belt width:

Choice of the correct impact bars:

Choice of the correct impact bars
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